SlimCO Bodylight Fat Reduction and Facial Rejuvenation.
The SlimCo System is not intended for use in the diagnosis of a disease or any other condition or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of diseases, and is not intended to affect the structure or function of the body.  Theses products are cosmetic in nature and do not claim to impart any health benefits.  The statements on this website have no been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
The Bodylight emits special frequency light waves that safely penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the fat cells. This light stimulation opens the pores to the fat cells allowing water, glycerol and free fatty acids to move out of the fat cells and into the space between the cells. The fat cells then shrink while the excess water, glycerol and free fatty acids are safely removed by your body's own metabolic process.

Expedited Bodylight session:
15 minute Bodylight                                10 minute Vibrator Plate-    50.00

Complete Bodylight session:                  15 minute Bodylight,                             10 minute Vibrator Plate                       15 minute Erchonia EB footbath-  65.00
Bodylight sessions have the ability to reduce body mass through simple, painless, and noninvasive techniques.  We target the areas of the body that tend to be difficult to target through diet and exercise.  With the newest advancements in technology, patients can find themselves on the fast track to confidence through a simple Bodylight session.

Though the majority of fat can be removed through diet and exercise, there are some areas of the body that need a little help. Our LED Bodylight is a non-invasive session that can be very effective in contouring the body by eliminating fat in those hard to lose areas.  

Patients who are concerned with their body mass index can find a helpful solution with our fat reduction system.  Without any painful incisions or long term programs, the amount of subcutaneous fat can be easily reduced, resulting in a leaner body shape.

Results may vary from person to person due to lifestyle, body type and dedication to the program.  No individual results should be seen as typical.  Testimonials are stories of individual success and should not be taken as a guarantee. 
"I'm a woman in my fifties.  I have gone down 3 jean sizes [using the Bodylight] and have noticed that my skin looks and feels more toned and softer than before.  After just 2-3 session I noticed these differences and have been most pleased.  The bonus is that I have more energy and am more conscientious of my diet and exercise routine.  The Bodylight has been a great motivator for me." -Pleased Patient from Oberlin, KS